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It’s time for a reunion in dramaland as Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook will star together in upcoming SBS weekend drama called Fate And Fury. Unlike the romantic comedy in which they starred together back in 2014, Cunning Single Lady (also Sly And Single Again), this time they have a melodrama to portray. Lee Min Jung is returning to small screen after 2 years with her last show being Please Come Back Ajusshi and Joo Sang Wook recently wrapped sageuk Grand Prince. I did see a few episodes of Cunning Single Lady before dropping that drama and I found them cute together.

In Fate And Fury, Lee Min Jung plays a woman who has faced many tragedies in her life. She has lost her father and her sister tries to commit suicide. Due to certain reasons, she approaches Joo Chang Wook’s character with many lies; he is a rich man who falls in love with her. When he finds out about her lies, he is enraged. The second leads are played by Lee Ki Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) and So Yi Hyun (Who Are You). She plays an ambitious woman who hates Lee Min Jung’s heroine as she is a rival in love with respect to the hero and he stars as a man betrayed by So Yi Hyun and who now wants revenge. Oh, there is a lot of betrayal and revenge going on in this drama! Kpop group After School‘s Lizzy (here as Park Soo Ha) plays Joo Sang Wook’s sister.

I have seen the four main actors in different roles and dramas and I’m mostly indifferent to them and my liking varies from project to project. Fate And Fury seems like a typical melodrama with extreme emotions. It will premiere in December and has PD of Suspicious Partner at the helm. It recently held its first script reading.