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It’s good to see Im Soo Jung coming back to dramaland so soon after Chicago Typewriter (2017) considering that she didn’t do any TV dramas for so many years after 2004’s I’m Sorry I Love You. She will be seen in tvN’s latest show Search: WWW (also going by the moniker Search Query: WWW or simply WWW) which is premiering today. Jang Ki Yong, who became very popular with melodrama Come Here And Hug Me last year, will be starring opposite her. He just recently wrapped thriller Kill Me. I haven’t seen him in anything but whatever I have read about him, I’m looking forward to his acting here.

Search: WWW is about the world of web portals. Im Soo Jung plays the strategy manager of the largest web portal Unicorn. She is a very competitive woman with work always on top of her mind. Jang Ki Yong plays the CEO of a company that produces music for computer games. Of course, they fall in love. The show also tells about two other women and their lives — Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice) plays social media manager of another web portal Baro, which is at no. 2. She is hot tempered and has never had any successful relationships in the past. Jeon Hye Jin (Misty) plays the board member of Unicorn who is married to a chaebol but their relationship is purely businesslike.

There is popular trend in dramaverse to show love, career and life of three friends or women and although done so many times, I love these contemporary stories as they are fun, zippy and sometimes heartwarming to watch. Search: WWW definitely has a strong cast. It has the PD-writer team that assisted in Mr. Sunshine as co-director and writer.