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I have only seen Shin Sung Rok in his negative role in You From Another Star and that impression is so strong that I’m all set to be pleasantly surprised to see him in a romantic leading man role in new KBS drama Perfume. I just love when actors try different types of roles and genres. Perfume is a fantasy drama about a devoted homemaker, played by Ha Jae Sook (Birth of a Beauty), who gets a second chance at life after an unfortunate event and this second life is that of a 20-something model like woman, played by Go Won Hee (Your House Helper). Shin Sung Rok plays a fashion designer going through creative slump. They both meet when she starts working as a housekeeper in his house and he sees potential in her to become a model. The show also stars Cha Ye Ryun (Glamorous Temptation) as the hero’s ex-girlfriend and director of the fashion firm around which the story revolves and Kim Min Gyu (Because This Life Is Our First) as a popular idol.

I have not checked out the show’s premiere episode yet as it started this week as a Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS but I’m totally excited to watch it as the story sounds interesting and I want to watch an actor play against type.