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November is here! These monthly drama posts do make me feel as if time is flying at a very high speed. Since the year is ending, there are relatively lesser number of new shows premiering this month but that does not reduce their anticipation. Without further ado, here is the list!

Birthcare Center

Network: tvN

Premiere Date: November 2

Stars: Uhm Ji Won, Yoon Park, Park Ha Sun, Jang Hye Jin

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Family, Melodrama

About: A working woman who enters a high end postpartum care center to take better care of her new born baby.

Thoughts: Kudos to this show for setting a drama in a fresh setting. The cast and the noir feel surely increases my interest in this one. Also, it has something as rare as a blue rose — only 8 episodes!

Amazing Rumor / The Uncanny Counter

Network: OCN

Premiere Date: November 28

Stars: Jo Byung Kyu, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jung

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller

About: The demon hunters called “Counters” who live on earth as employees of a noodle restaurant with the purpose of catching evil spirits.

Thoughts: Based on a 2018 webtoon, the show sounds adventurous and thrilling. It’s OCN with supernatural theme, so I’m expecting some chills as well!


Network: tvN

Premiere Date: November 30

Stars: Nam Goong Min, Kim Sul Hyun, Lee Chung Ah

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Mystery, Romance

About: Mysterious events that happened 26 years ago in a village that link to a present murder mystery.

Thoughts: The plot sounds more like that from an OCN series. Nam Goong In has been consistently delivering great performance and drama one after another (Chief Kim, Stove League) and that surely adds to the already intriguing plot.

Get Revenge

Network: TV Chosun

Premiere Date: November 21

Stars: Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoon So Yi

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Genre: Melodrama, Mystery

About: A reporter turned influencer and a lawyer who seek revenge against those who wronged them and their family.

Thoughts: Revenge is one of the most common tropes in fiction. So that doesn’t necessarily form an exciting factor. But if done well, the drama can be a gripping ride.

Live On

Network: JTBC

Premiere Date: November 17

Stars: Jung Da Bin, Hwang Min Hyun (Minhyun)

Slot: Tuesday

Genre: Drama, School

About: A popular girl in high school who joins the school’s broadcasting club in order to find the person who wants to reveal her secrets.

Thoughts: I’m not much of a school drama fan anymore but good reviews can surely make me check one out. This one looks a bit dark and I’m interested to know exactly what secret the lead character is harbouring. Also, another 8-episode drama on the list!

(Featured Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash)