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I’m super excited for upcoming tvN romance titled One Shot Scandal for multiple reasons. Firstly, the show is written by the screenwriter of so many delightful dramas like High School King of Savvy, Oh My Ghost and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Secondly, it stars two brilliant actors in the lead roles — Jeon Do Yeon (The Good Wife, Lost, movie The Housemaid) and Jung Kyung Ho (Hospital Playlist, Life on Mars). And the plot sounds just my cup of tea. The drama is also going by the title Ilta Scandal.

One Shot Scandal stars Jeon Do Yeon as a former national athlete who presently runs a side dish shop. She belatedly starts preparing for entrance exams and meets a popular and hard working instructor, played by Jung Kyung Ho. I love this plot idea and I’m always elated to see stories about people trying for higher education or studying for a new career path even if they are way past the normal age of studies. One example that comes to mind is 2015’s Twenty Again aka Second 20s starring Choi Ji Woo. Such a marvelous drama!

One Shot Scandal reunites the writer and PD of High School King of Savvy and Oh My Ghost, and that makes me thrilled! The show will premiere in first half of 2023.

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