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Netflix is bringing a melodrama next as its original Kdrama addition — Remarriage & Desires revolves around a matchmaking service called Rex, that caters to rich clients for their remarriage. It is written by the writer of daily soaps like I’m a Mother, Too and War Of The Roses.

Kim Hee Sun (Alice, Angry Mom) plays an upper middle class housewife who takes service of Rex to take revenge against the woman who ruined her life, played by Jung Yoo Jin (Snowdrop, Romance Is a Bonus Book), who is a lawyer. Lee Hyun Wook (Mine, Search) plays a venture company executive while Park Hoon (Memories Of Alhambra) plays a professor. Cha Ji Yeon (Taxi Driver) stars as the CEO of Rex.

The drama surely looks like a polished, stylish melodrama with lots of fun and entertaining twists and turns and over the top shenanigans. It premieres on July 15 and has a total of 8 episodes. The show is helmed by the director of Bad Guys and Hidden Identity.


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