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Little Women — the title of the new tvN drama makes one expect a simple, warm tale of sisters, inspired by the classic eponymous novel. But the show actually has only one resemblance — three sisters growing up in poverty. Everything else is not only different plot wise, but is also imbued in a dark vibe. I found the first two episodes very intriguing, setting up the story and characters admirably. The drama is also available on Netflix.

Brief Synopsis, Characters and Spoiler-free General Review

The three sisters are Oh In Joo (Kim Go Eun), Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun) and Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hoo). All three have different personalities but there are also similarities in the elder sisters as they are closer in age than the youngest In Hye. They grew up in a very humble background, and In Joo and In Kyung are still struggling to pay debts that their father is responsible for, earning to take care of the family and trying to provide all good things to In Hye that they could never have. But In Hye is unhappy with the overwhelming love as she does not like them sacrificing for her comfort. All three sisters get involved with a rich family — aspiring politician Park Jae Sang (Uhm Ki Joon), his wife (Uhm Ji Won) and daughter Park Hyo Rin (Jeon Chae Eun) — in their own ways.

There is an unmistakable ominous feel throughout the drama. As the three sisters navigate their respective narrative arcs, we experience twists and turns with a hint that everything is connected somehow. The drama is very captivating and juxtaposes the dark, serious tone with realistic and warm interactions between sisters In Joo and In Kyung, and friends In Kyung and Ha Jong Ho (Kang Hoon).

In Joo is a bookeeper in a firm who is an outcast. But one person is her friend, an outcast herself, enigmatic Jin Hwa Young (Choo Ja Hyun). I loved their interactions, which are punctuated with humor, seriousness and warmth.

In Kyung is a journalist who starts investigating Jae Sang. In Hye is an amazing painter who creates a painting on behalf of Hyo Rin and gets paid for it. All three tales are interesting and certain aspects were creepy, keeping me on the edge of my seat. The drama is also unpredictable.

There is a lot we don’t know yet about certain characters, like Wi Ha Joon‘s Choi Do Il — the man investigating the slush funds of the company where In Joo works. Or sisters’ relative Oh Hye Sook, played by Kim Mi Sook. I do think the mother of the three sisters is too selfish to be believable.

The show has a solid cast that enhances the viewing experience.

First Impressions

All in all, Little Women is a gripping dark mystery that provides thrills and drama, laced with interesting characters. Definitely looking forward to upcoming episodes.