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New Korean Dramas: March 2020

Normally every month brings new Korean dramas for us to savour but this March seems especially flooded with many drama premieres and all seem very interesting for a variety of reasons. Good thing is, there is something for everyone, if you are choosy with the genre and the actors. Best way to keep a track is to make a list and hopefully the following list would be helpful: Continue reading

Nam Ji Hyun and EXO’s D.O. in historical romance ‘100 Days My Prince’

Oh this show looks super ADORABLE! And it’s totally on my list of dramas for which I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. One, it stars Nam Ji Hyun , who I loved a lot in Shopping King Louis. Then it also stars pop group EXO‘s D.O. opposite her who I have only seen in his powerful guest appearance in I Remember You and he is one of the few idol actors who have received praise for their acting (It’s Okay, It’s Love, movie My Annoying Brother). And he is super cute! The Continue reading

Ji Chang Wook in a rom-com ‘Suspicious Partner’ with Nam Ji Hyun

I’m deliriously happy in relation to upcoming romantic comedy drama Suspicious Partner as it seems to have everything I want in my K-drama. It stars Ji Chang Wook in a romcom! His first since a long time as his last few shows/movies have been all action ones (Healer, The K2, Fabricated City) even though they did have romantic sprinklings. Plus, the leading lady is Nam Ji Hyun, who was a delight in Shopping King Louis. And the plot also looks perfect for an opposites attract romance. Last but not Continue reading

Seo In Guk is titular ‘Shopping King Louis’ for new MBC drama


I love Seo In Guk and I’m always excited for his new show. I dropped his last Police Unit 38 — not because I didn’t like it but my interest was not strong enough to continue. Next up is a romantic comedy drama for him, titled Shopping King Louis. I’m just wondering if this guy never rests, what with such a small time gap between his Continue reading

What’s With This Family: Episode 2


Episode 2 Summary and Thoughts:

Seo Wool meets the whole family with her claim that Dal Bong promised to marry her. We see in flashbacks that Seo Wool saved him when he accidentally fell into the river. I wonder why he is not explaining everyone that all this happened when both were 14-year-old kids. Somehow he takes her away and says that it was some other person whom she saved and to go away. Continue reading