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The new KBS drama seems like a treat for all weekend drama fans! It is titled Three Bold Siblings and is set around two people who are eldest among their siblings but who grew up in different environments.

Im Joo Hwan (Uncontrollably Fond) stars as a top actor who is an eldest son and belongs to a wealthy and supportive family. He gets into an accident and meets his first love, played by Lee Ha Na (Voice) when he visits the hospital. She is the eldest daughter and has a warm heart. She sacrificed a lot to care for her family while growing up. Kim So Eun (Boys Before Flowers, That Man Oh Soo) plays her younger sister who works as a pilates instructor and has a sunny personality. Lee Yoo Jin (Be Melodramatic) is the youngest of the siblings who is a doctor.

The other cast members include Lee Tae Sung, who was really cute in Playful Kiss and recently starred in Ghost Doctor, as a a free-spirited documentary director, and Kim Seung Soo (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) as a kind and logical man who is the director of a small company. The drama will explore the quest for finding love and happiness.

Three Bold Siblings surely looks heartwarming and has a good cast. It is penned by the writer of The Black Knight, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry and Son Ye Jin‘s first drama Delicious Proposal (2001). It premiered last week in the slot of Saturdays and Sundays.