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Thirty But Seventeen: Episodes 5-6

As I’m doing this segment (Episode Discussion) after a long time (the last time I did a proper one was for Oh My Ghostess), let me state that here I will not post recaps of a drama episode, only my thoughts regarding the same. Now with that out of the way, let’s start. Continue reading

She Was Pretty: Episode 2


I had to do a double take while watching episode 2 of She Was Pretty as the man I was about to swoon over turned out to be a lot different from what I thought during the premiere episode. I thought Sung Joon was a gentleman but actually he is more like a jerk. I got my first surprise when that elevator scene was replayed — it was Sung Joon who forced the other girl to go out of the lift but it was Shin Hyuk who welcomed Hye Jin inside the Continue reading

Twenty Again: Episodes 5 and 6


First of all, I want to take my words back a bit. I think Nora’s husband is really worse than I thought. After 6 episodes, I think I know him better now. It’s true that he wanted divorce to come out of a marriage where he was not happy. But he is a selfish person who lived with her all these years so that she can support his household and raise their son. All these years, he treated her like nothing. And then he fell for this other woman and thus took the decision to leave his wife when everything in his life was settled. He became successful, got a girl who he thinks matched his so-called intellect and his son is old enough. I do give him some good points when he took responsibility 20 years ago when Nora got pregnant and so he married her. But his treatment — it’s unacceptable. Continue reading

Oh My Ghostess: Episodes 9-12


Well, I’m glad we got so much development in last few episodes. I didn’t give my two cents for previous weeks episodes because I feared sounding like a broken record with my usual ‘I want Bong Sun to get more time and development’. But with last week’s jump in plot movement and the drama facing the real conflicts, I’m back again with writing some thoughts. Continue reading

Oh My Ghostess: Episodes 7 and 8


The main thing which is revolving in every body’s mind after watching this week’s episodes of Oh My Ghostess is of course the mystery behind Soon Ae’s sudden coming out of Bong Sun’s body. But I’ll talk about that later. Let’s dissect other things first! Continue reading