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Time travel remains the most used theme for dramas that aired in 2012 and now it’s back for another year. Yeah, I know we all have seen enough of this travelling through time scenario, but wait till you hear the rest. I was initially disquieted about this new entrant in the genre, called Nine, but after hearing two things, my excitement has been raised regarding it: it’s by the same team that generated the romantic and sweet and perhaps the best time travel show, Queen In Hyun’s Man; and secondly, its synopsis.

The drama stars Lee Jin Wook ( I Need Romance 2012) and Jo Yoon Hee( Full House 2) in the lead roles, both of them playing reporters. The hero gets a chance to go back twenty years in time, where he has to solve a mystery. Hmm, intriguing. But here comes the main conflict: he has only nine chances to do so (hence the title.) Wow, this sounds so adventurous, thrilling and I can hope intelligence as well, owing to the previous records of the team.

I haven’t seen any of the leads’ dramas before, but I can certainly hope for something good here. Nine starts airing from March 11, when my current favorite Flower Boy Next Door wraps up on tvN. By the way, the drama is also being called as Nine: Nine Time Travels.


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