I started my journey into dramaland in 2011. The world of dramas is so outstanding and magnificent that once you enter this realm, there is no looking back. So many drama fans were generous enough to suggest me some gems (like You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince, Best Love, Playful Kiss, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, My Girl, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and the list goes on and on and on.) My first venture was Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, with which I had a chance meeting but how marvelous that was that it embarked me into drama watching habit.

I watched as many dramas that I could and marathoned so many of them (about 25), with a single drama taking about 4 days to complete. Till then, I gathered enough cognition to know about so many actors, dramas and the channels and the writers (okay, I know only about the Hong Sisters :D) Also, I discovered the terrific place to know about dramas: Dramabeans of course. And began my knowledge about upcoming shows, and I decided that I’ll watch them only after knowing the reviews. Then came Big. Gong Yoo and Hong Sisters. Irresistible. Can’t wait. These were the feelings that came and so I decided to watch it live. And that followed by Nice Guy, The King Of Dramas and School 2013, and finally the latest Flower Boy Next Door.

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Marathoning v/s live watching

When you watch a drama non-stop, by marathoning it within 3 to 4 days (in some cases it may take more time); there are certain advantages attached with it. You know before hand a certain idea about the premise and the ending. Like, if it’s gonna have a weird ending (I’m looking at you Fashion King), which makes you scratch your head with irritation, ‘Why did I even care to watch this 😦 ‘; or if it will be a sad/happy one (in case of melodramas) and it’s important if you are like me, who loves happy endings. On the other hand, there is a feeling of excitement when we are unaware of what outcome is awaiting while watching dramas live.

Secondly, marathoning makes us closer to the drama than live watching. When we continuously spend time with the same cast and scenario, it definitely has more effect on our emotions as compared to live watching. Sometimes, when I am not able to catch up with the episodes on time, i forget certain portions and have to read recaps in order to remember those.


I watched Big and Nice Guy live and they had no emotional effect on me. But after The King Of Dramas and School 2013, I can undoubtedly say that weekly viewing can also give us a touching experience. And ya, the OST: I tend to remember the songs more when I watch a drama non-stop, rather than live.

The biggest advantage of weekly viewing comes when you are busy in your real life and can’t make time for so many hours of drama watching. It’s best to watch an episode a day and lo! you can fulfill all your jobs as well as enjoy the dramas. And that is the major reason why I had to watch certain shows while they aired and delay the rest. And then one can watch multiple dramas while live watching, which can be bothersome for some and can be enjoyable for others. But I like concentrating on one drama at a time (have realized this.)

Live watching enables us to share our thoughts, discuss the dramas, read fresh recaps, join the hype with so many other fans across the globe 🙂 It feels as if we are viewing a show with so many other people!!

One can see that both have their own merits. But I guess I prefer the non stop marathoning more 🙂