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2012 was the year of time travel and in the same manner, it seems as if 2013 is gonna belong to sageuks. At least for the spring season, what with so many historical dramas coming up: Lee Seung Gi-Suzy‘s Gu Family Book, Kim Tae Hee‘s Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love and now it’s Mandate Of Heaven. It stars Lee Dong Wook in his first sageuk role. I like him (have seen him in only My Girl) and wanted to see him in acting field as he was busy as MC for Strong Heart from a long time. Song Ji Hyo is going to play the female lead. I have seen her in Goong only, and that was a modern role through and through. But she has acted in many historical dramas and movies and so I am on the ignorant side this time 😉

Anyways, Mandate Of Heaven will be a thriller (yay) which stars our hero as a royal physician, who is struggling to cure his ailing daughter. He gets blamed for plotting the assassination of king by poisoning him and so he has to run and fight for saving his and his daughter’s life. Wow, I like such stories where the heroes have to prove that they are innocents, involving all sorts of thrills and chills. Song Jong Ho (Answer Me 1997) stars as the best detective of the government bureau that investigates serious crimes, who will be chasing Lee Dong Wook. So, something on the lines of The Fugitive?? I liked him a lot in his caring hyung role in Answer Me 1997. Song Ji Hyo will play the role of royal nurse, who falls in love with Lee Dong Wook’s character.

Initially, I wasn’t much interested in the show. But with more light on the plot, I’m finding it more and more intriguing, packed with powerful cast. Mandate Of Heaven will follow IRIS 2 and starts airing from April.

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