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Nine or Nine: Nine Time Travels is premiering today on tvN. It stars Lee Jin Wook and Jo Yoon Hee in the lead roles. I haven’t seen any of the leads’ previous works, but I’m definitely checking out this new time travel show, as it’s by the team that made the sweet and thrilling Queen in Hyun’s Man. Posters are out for the show and I like their simplicity with the focus on the couple.

The story is about a man, a reporter by profession, who is perfect in everything and loved by everyone. But one day he finds that he has a brain tumor and only a year left to live. What, are we going the melodrama way? He finds mythical artifact that enables him to go back twenty years in time: but he can do so only nine times. To be honest, I was way more excited before this new light on the synopsis, all with the nine time rule and everything. By bringing the illness into picture, there is a possibility that the show will suffer from confusions, or will make us believe that the whole thing was the work of brain. Anyways, there are different manners to treat a subject and possibly the show will take this cliched drama trope effectively.

Jo Yoon Hee also is a reporter in the drama, working in the same team as our hero. They have a cordial relationship, but not totally a couple as he keeps her distant in the emotional things.

I have high hopes with the team and that we will get something exciting this time as well. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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tvN brings another time travel drama, ‘Nine’