I have liked Gong Yoo ever since I watched Coffee Prince. But then, who doesn’t? His charms led me to his next drama, Hello My Teacher, where he played a high school student. I think no one does romance as good as him. The expressions he has when he shows that he is completely smitten by the lucky girl, oh that is so outstanding and amazing. I can completely feel that he is in love!! Good Looks + Awesome Acting = Gong Yoo πŸ™‚

His last drama was the disappointing Big, where he played a doctor whose soul gets switched with a high school student. And then, we never got to see that doctor or the student (Shin Won Ho) again. But of course, Gong Yoo was the saving grace for the show. He was totally terrific. Using his eyes, his voice, his cuteness; he steals the show and our hearts.

Here are some pictures featured in the outdoor apparel brand Discovery Expedition‘s style book. He looks dashing as always. I hope he signs a drama soon and we’ll get to enjoy his presence on our computer screens (And hopefully it will be a good one!!)

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