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Okay now, the title Birth Secret itself sounds so drama-ish for its extensive use throughout in dramaland, particularly in makjang shows. And the general dramas also happen to have a fondness towards the clandestine past stories, which usually form the latter part or provide the climax for our shows, after they complete their main story. So, when I first read about this latest entrant in the upcoming weekend drama galore, I found it really funny.

Birth Secret is the SBS drama that stars Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong) in the main role. Now comes another thing our dramas love: yes, she plays an amnesiac woman!! Why this drama is taking all boring, done-to-death tropes. The story is about the woman who is suffering from memory loss and she forgets everything between 17 to 27 years of her age, including her husband and daughter. She has to put together pieces of memory. She is helped by her husband, played by Yoo Joon Sang (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly). She is a genius and also a candy, basically heroine of every other drama out there. The drama promises to be a trendy one, which looks like a far away thing if we go by the premise. Anyways, Kim So Hyun (Missing You) will play Sung Yuri’s younger counterpart, during her earlier days when she was the optimistic, hardworking girl. The show also stars Sung Yuri’s fellow group member Lee Jin (their Kpop group Fin.K.L. is inactive since 2005). Now, that is an interesting reunion, isn’t it? She plays our heroine’s best friend turned rival when she marries a rich guy (Han Sang Jin, (Horse Doctor)) out of jealousy as she liked him, but he was interested in her friend aka Sung Yuri’s character in the show. But as Sung Yuri’s character doesn’t remember what happened in between, she takes help from her to remember what her mind has forgotten. This plot line slightly interests me.

Birth Secret will follow my current favorite show Incarnation Of Money, and starts airing from April 27.