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How many of you are confused with this coming season of drama premieres, as seriously there is a drama profusion in the next month of April. Wherever I see, I find stills or teasers or posters of forthcoming shows, and it’s so difficult to remember which one is gonna premiere when. But of course, there is a variety (well, sort of) for the viewers, but in a narrow way: there are sageuks (so many!!), rom-coms and thrillers. So I decided to make a list of upcoming shows so that it becomes easier to remember them. I excluded some of the shows like weekend ones and will make another enumeration for them in part 2.


When a Man Loves

Air Date: April 3

Stars: Song Seung Hoon. Shin Se Kyung, Yun Woo Jin, Chae Jung Ahn

About: A married gangster who falls in love with a younger girl and has to bear consequences of this passionate relationship.

My Thoughts: Not interested at all. But this might turn into a pleasant surprise!!

Gu Family Book

Air Date: April 8

Stars: Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Lee Yeon Hee, Yoo Yun Suk, Sung Joon

About: A historical-fantasy drama about a man who is half-gumiho, half-human and wants to become human, using a century old book that has the secret of transformation.

My Thoughts: totally excited about this one. I like the cast and mystery, magic, adventure premise and of course Lee Seung Gi ♥



God of the Workplace

Air Date: April 1

Stars: Kim Hye Soo, Oh Ji Ho, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Hee Joon

About: A rom-com about a working woman who is so competent and talented that even the higher level officials are scared of her.

My Thoughts: Another drama that I’m most excited about. I love workplace setups.

Mandate of Heaven

Air Date: April 24

Stars: Song Ji Hyo, Lee Dong Wook

About: A thriller sageuk about a royal physician who gets framed for plotting assassination of king and thus has to run for his life and to prove himself innocent.

My Thoughts: I really like the movies/dramas with this story line of ‘a fugitive, unjustly framed and trying to find the real culprit’ and I hope this drama will turn out to be a thrilling ride.



All About My Romance

Air Date: April 4

Stars: Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Min Jung, Park Hee Soon, Han Chae Ah

About: An opposite attracts romantic comedy set up in the political world.

My Thoughts: I’m slightly, if not completely waiting for this one. I like the premise and will surely give this a try.

Jang Ok Jung

Air Date: April 8

Stars: Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In, Hong Soo Hyun, Jae Hee

About: A reimagining of the famous historical tale about the concubine Jang Hee Bin, who was known for her villainous role in history. Here, she will be portrayed as a fashion designer and cosmetic maker, and that she had a sincere love for King Sukjong.

My Thoughts: I love Jae Hee and Yoo Ah In. So, my interest is more because of the heroes rather than the premise (which looks a bit boring). But I also want to see how the drama will explore the story of infamous femme fatale in a new positive light.