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Why didn’t I think of this awesome pair before?? Yoon Kye Sang (Best Love) and Park Shin Hye (You’re Beautiful) are going to star together in the forthcoming romantic comedy movie Rock, Paper, Scissors Of Love. The movie will be the second installment in the Way to Nature Film Project of the Kolon Sport, which is a campaign that is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the outdoor brand. The first movie was the 2012 short film Day Trip, that starred Song Kang Ho. Probably this rom-com will also be a short film, and it’s due for late April release. It will be released online as well as offline.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Of Love is about a guy who has never been successful in relationships, and then he meets the woman of his dreams. So, not so fresh as far as the story is concerned. But romance films are more about the treatment than the originality of the plot and yes, the chemistry between the leads. I’m pretty sure they will make a sweet pair. The movie will be directed by Kim Ji Woon, who is known for acclaimed films like The Good, The Bad, The Weird and The Tale Of Two Sisters. The stars and the director also did a photoshoot together for the Elle magazine, April issue.

In my opinion, Yoon Kye Sang is the cutest second lead ever. Period. He was amazingly adorable in Best Love (his only work I’ve seen). And well, Park Shin Hye is my favorite Korean actress and I love that she is keeping variety in her projects and she was mind-blowing in her recent wrapped up drama Flower Boy Next Door. Also, her movie Miracle in Cell No. 7 has become a superhit.

Looking forward to this movie!!