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Korean remake of ‘The Good Wife’ premieres today on tvN


I’m extremely happy and excited whenever an actor returns to small screen after a long time, and you can imagine the level of anticipation if the time period is equal to 11 years! Yes, I’m talking about Jeon Do Yeon‘s drama comeback through headlining The Good Wife for tvN. Her last drama was romance melo Lovers In Prague, which came in 2005 and she has been focusing only on films since then. On the other hand, I’ve heard so many good things about the original American tv series that I’m more keen to check out that show. Hence, the dilemma! If I watch Korean The Good Wife, the fun will be spoiled for the original. Sigh. Continue reading

Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo together in JTBC drama ‘Last’


I think currently the vogue is to do cable dramas and I don’t mind this at all as they are qualitatively far better than the major networks and also, less influenced by viewers’ opinions and ratings. Of course there can be exceptions *cough*tvN. Ex-Girlfriend Club*cough* The latest stars to join growing cable world are Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo, who are starring together in JTBC’s action thriller Last. I love these two actors, Continue reading

Official Posters for ‘Full Sun’ which will air two back-to-back episodes on its premiere

Uh-ho. The upcoming KBS melodrama Full Sun (or Beyond The Clouds) is going to air two back to back episodes on its premiere day which is on February 17. Here I am planning out my drama time-table to accommodate as many shows as I can and Continue reading

Stills galore for ‘Full Sun’ which also gets a new English title


Although melodramas come with tried and tested predictable traits, they get brownie points for portraying a normal, decent and graceful appearance of the female leads. I don’t know why dramaland has the fixation of showing weirdly styled and over-the-top personalities of the heroines in rom-coms and if not Continue reading

Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye headline melodrama ‘Full Sun’

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Since Nice Guy, I haven’t watched any melodrama. Usually they are not my cup of tea as the emotional connection is missing and the characters are unabashedly melodramatic and weird with unusual personality traits and motives. I enjoyed Nice Guy a lot but it was more like a detached amusement. Anyway, I might give the genre a try once again with upcoming Full Sun as it stars charming Yoon Kye Continue reading