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Am I dreaming?? Is this really happening? The first actress that came to my mind and wishing heart when I heard about Lee Min Ho‘s upcoming drama Heirs was Park Shin Hye and lo! today comes the confirmation that she is indeed the leading lady in the romantic comedy. And now, I seriously can’t wait for this show. They are like a dream pair for me as both are my most favorite actors 🙂 🙂 *Happy Dance* They did work together for CFs, but a full fledged drama is another thing.

Interestingly, both the actors gave one of the most popular dramas in the same year, 2009: Boys Before Flowers and You’re Beautiful; which catapulted Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye to amazing heights of their career. I really wanted Lee Min Ho to star with someone of his age or a bit younger and Park Shin Hye totally fits in that criteria. Also, it’s a rom-com by Kim Eun Sook (Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity) and so we can expect lots of comedy hijinks and trendy vibe. As far as the plot is concerned, nothing much has been stated other than that it’s gonna be a college campus drama. Wow. I think most of the Kdramas are set in high school, and the college plot is more or less ignored. Park Shin Hye has already starred in the breezy campus romance You’ve Fallen For Me and I loved her in it. I’ve also read somewhere that Jung Yong Hwa is being considered for another lead in the drama. If that happens, it will be the third time he and Park Shin Hye will be working together.

A few days back, I was hearing about Park Shin Hye considering a sageuk as her next project. Well, I’m glad she selected this. Heirs will premiere in October on SBS.

This news has really made my day. I’m thrilled to bits.