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2013: Year In Review

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My second year in review!! Wow, time surely flies fast. I was only an avid reader before but this year encouraged me to write. And now, I LOVE writing and learning new things about it everyday. I also found so many blogger friends who keep sharing love for dramas with me. Continue reading

REVIEW: Heirs (2013)

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Heirs is undoubtedly the most talked about show of 2013. From the time it cast Lee Min Ho till it aired its last episode, people were constantly discussing it. It received huge ratings and popularity across the globe. Its entertainment value depends on the expectations and the mindset with which one approaches it. I found it very enjoyable but basically it is a mediocre drama which has Continue reading

Behind The Scenes for ‘Heirs’: It’s time to say goodbye..

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For Heirs, I went into unprecedented craziness for any live drama I’ve ever seen. Right from the time it was announced to this last week of its run, I madly anticipated each episode, searched even a teeny-weeny news about it (not a difficult task), kept in touch with anything Heirs related around this web world. The Continue reading