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Playful Kiss is a drama that always makes me happy!! It is a show that I can call truly feel-good, with no place for conflicts, tensions, high stakes. It’s a drama to just watch and relax and live the moments that our characters are living. It did not gain high ratings during its run, but now it has become one of the most popular shows across the globe.

The story is about a simple high school girl Oh Ha Ni, with no interest in studies but full of life, who has a huge crush on the smartest guy of her school, Baek Seung Jo, who happens to be a genius. She gets rejected when she confesses her feelings. Later, both of them are led to live under the same roof due to certain circumstances and then starts their way to love.

Playful Kiss steals your heart with its simple charm and immensely likeable characters. What I loved the most in the drama is that it is free from negativity. There is no evil plotting, misunderstandings, unnecessary prolonged angst, and that makes it full of positive and cheerful air. The drama is plain and simple, yet it has its heart at the right place. The drama has so much warmth!!


The lead pair looks like made for each other with their nature being poles apart. At one side we have Ha Ni as an extrovert girl who believes in expressing her emotions and a guy like Seung Jo, who is a cold, introvert person and who doesn’t show any emotions at all, on the other. But still, we can feel the growing love between them. Although Ha Ni is shown as a girl who thinks only about Seung Jo, later she realizes that there is more to life than just being a girlfriend or a wife. And I really loved Seung Jo’s mom and kid brother. They are so cute. In fact, the show beautifully captures the relationships: be it Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s mom, Ha Ni and her friends, Ha Ni’s dad and Joon Goo, to name a few.

The drama is cute, sweet, funny at times, light-hearted and yes, very romantic as well. I also liked Jung So Min’s dresses and hair pins 🙂 The drama is full of colors. I have seen the drama twice. First time, I found it cute but not something great. But the second time I watched it, I just fell in love with the show.

Jung So Min is the heart and soul of Playful kiss. She plays her role with so much conviction and brilliance, her character is full of warmth.

Kim Hyun Joong has improved a lot since Boys Before Flowers and here as he had to act a cold guy, he totally fits in the role. He looks sooooo handsome!! The chemistry between Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong is sweet and cute, even if its more from her than him. But I like it the way it is as that’s how their characters differ from each other.

Lee Tae Sung is also very good in the role of a guy from Busan with a one-sided love for our heroine. The supporting cast gives a solid performance.

All in all, Playful Kiss is really a feel good, heart warming drama that will surely bring a smile on your face.

My Rating: 9 out of 10.