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Aging Family is the upcoming comedy movie that stars Gong Hyo Jin (Best Love), Park Hae Il (Bow the Ultimate Weapon) and Yoon Je Moon (The King 2 Hearts) as siblings. The movie has an interesting premise, where the three grown up children return to live with their mother. What ensues is their constant bickering, swearing, insulting and even kicking!!

The movie is based on a novel by Cheon Myung Gwan and stars Yoon Je Moon as the oldest son who lives with mother, played by veteran actress Yoon Yeo Jung (The King 2 Hearts). I love the contrast both the actors have with respect to their last drama together, i.e., The King 2 Hearts, where both played enemies and here they are mother-son duo. Park Hae Il is the second son, a failed movie director whose first film turned into a box office disaster. Gong Hyo Jin is the daughter, who has a strong personality and is soon going for a third marriage. She also has a daughter. All these children fight like they are some kind of enemies, but turn into obedient, peaceful siblings once mom is around. The plot sounds lots of fun and promises a feel good, light-hearted family comedy.

Gong Hyo Jin is another of my favorite Korean actor. I love her natural, cool style of acting without the exaggerated expressions. I first saw her in Hello My Teacher and then in her last drama Best Love (which totally made me a fan of hers). I hope she soon picks her next drama, but meanwhile I can enjoy her acting in this movie. Aging Family is directed by Song Hae Sung (A Better Tomorrow) and plans for a May release.

The posters are equally awesome. I like the innovative way of making the stand alone posters from the main one where all three siblings are fighting; which tells so much about the mood of the film. The movie is full of stellar actors and so it’s definitely the one to give a try. Also check out the stills from the movie.

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