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Park Se Young had quite a busy 2012 as she starred in historical drama Faith and in School 2013 in the year end that continued its run till 2013. And what a drastic difference there was in both of her roles: she played a queen in the sageuk that starred Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun as main leads and she played a high school girl in the latter. To be frank, I cannot really judge about my liking towards her as there was very little for her to do in School 2013, but she was likeable and commendable in her role. And I haven’t seen Faith.

So now, Park Se Young has got a new drama: it’s a daily show that is titled Sincerity Moves Heaven. Her leading man will be Yoo Gun (Prosecutor Princess). I have not seen any of his dramas yet. The synopsis is somewhat confusing, not in terms of the story; but as far as the main character is concerned as we don’t know whether we are talking about our hero or heroine. It goes like this: the main lead is adopted during childhood and then reunites with the birth mother later on. The drama depicts the conflict that arises when the adoptive family finds out about this reunion and how the hero/heroine finds their place between the two. Also, there is the love story as well. As far as the history of dramas are concerned, there is a high possibility that our main character is the female one, i.e., Park Se Young.

Daily dramas are not my cup of tea as they have at least 100 episodes and it’s nearly impossible to take out time for such shows. And one of the major reasons for my love of Kdramas is their length that permits the story to get concluded in 16 (or 20 as the trend is nowadays) episodes without getting tiring. But usually these daily soaps garner huge ratings.

Sincerity Moves Heaven will premiere on April 29 on KBS, after Be Strong Mr. Kim wraps up.