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Yoo In Na is currently starring in the weekend drama You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and her character is slowly becoming more and more likeable. She is playing the middle daughter Yoo Shin, who is confident, working woman and is outspoken and loves to complain about and scold her little sister Soon Shin. Initially, I really felt like slapping her for finding faults with Soon Shin, but with 12 episodes already completed, I can say that her role is slowly growing on me and that I can see that despite her rude behavior on the outside, she really cares for Soon-shin at heart. I am well aware of such personalities, where people just don’t show their love and care through actions, but actually are the most caring ones. And I’m totally loving her chemistry with Go Joo Won.

I liked Yoo In Na in Best Love as the second lead, who didn’t turn into negative character, but remained cute throughout. After that, I was totally impressed by her performance in Queen In Hyun’s Man. She was so adorable and unlike our drama heroines, she played a girl who doesn’t hesitate in showing her affections. Her chemistry with Ji Hyun Woo was simply amazing and they can easily be called the best couple for 2012 in dramaverse.

Here are the pictures from the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, that feature Yoo In Na. She looks sweet as ever and innocent and pretty!!

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