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Incarnation Of Money aired its last episode yesterday and I still have to catch up the last two episodes of the show, which kept me glued to the screen for its entire run. It is a show that never got boring and I’m glad that I watched it live as 24 hours of drama watching was something rather difficult if we go for a marathon. Anyways, the follow-up drama starting from this weekend is Birth Secret, that stars Sung Yuri as an amnesic woman who forgets ten years of her life, even her husband and daughter. She met her husband when both were lost in life and were planning to end it, but found love in each other instead. They proceed to build a new life together. Yoo Joon Sang plays her husband.

As Sung Yuri’s character tries to recall her life, more past experiences and facts come into light with the story. Kim So Hyun plays her younger self. Lee Jin stars as Sung Yuri’s best friend turned enemy when she steals the man she likes and Kim Young Kwang plays that man. All these characters come into her life again as she seeks to remember the life she forgot and knows only those which were present before the lost years. Now, that would be interesting to watch. I have to admit that though the plot gives us the familiar, done-to-death features like birth secret, amnesia; but this story does seem intriguing and worth giving a try due to the interwoven plots and back story, which can be entertaining if it stays free from being makjang or too melodramatic. Well, we are told that it’s gonna be a trendy series, which gives a ray of hope of giving something better.

Check out the stills from the show, that starts airing from April 27 on SBS and will have a total of 20 episodes.

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