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I find Kim Soo Hyun really adorable and cute, and pretty!! And the most important thing: his acting is superb. I’ve seen him in only Dream High, where he was the highlight in terms of acting. His last drama was the sageuk The Moon That Embraces The Sun, which gained super high ratings during its entire run. But I don’t have much interest to watch it myself due to the mixed reviews I’ve got about it and historical dramas are not particularly my favorite thing. He also starred in box office blockbuster movie The Thieves, which is somewhat a Korean version of one of my all time favorite films, Ocean’s Eleven.

Kim Soo Hyun is all set with his latest movie Covertly, Grandly; where he will be playing best of the best North Korean spy of an elite spy unit, who is sent to South as a secret agent, in the disguise of a village idiot. Oh, I can clearly see how great he will be in this role. The movie also stars Park Ki Woong (Gaksital) as son of one of the highest ranking generals of North and Lee Hyun Woo (To The Beautiful You) as the youngest spy of the same elite spy unit. Both of them are also stationed in the same town as a person who wants to be a pop idol and a flower boy high schooler, respectively. They lead their life normally under the covers, being vigilant all the while. They mix up with the background and get used to their life until one day they receive an order for a grand, covert mission. They need to fulfill it and return home.

The stills are total fun and I’m completely excited for this movie which looks so rich in potential for a good comedy, filled with awesome actors and chances for bromance. And I love action comedies. Covertly, Grandly will be released in June.

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