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Answer Me 1997 was one of the most talked about dramas of 2012 and the one that received so much love from the viewers. And I’m not exception to it. I LOVED it which perfectly showed humor, alternated with moments of poignancy. Each and every character was beautifully written and it was a show with so much heart and soul. Yes..I wasn’t a bit aware of the pop culture and anything of the sort, but I did my homework well and then I could relate to the meta elements quite well, if not hundred percent.

And now we have the sequel getting ready, which will focus on 1994 this time. Also, the drama will focus on basket ball craze. The whole set up and premise will be similar and the most amazing thing is that it will star both mom and dad from its prequel: actors Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa. I simply loved their characters in Answer Me 1997, especially dad, who brilliantly balanced comedy and emotions. And I forgot to mention the title, which will be Answer Me 1994 or Basketball Extravaganza. The former is more in line with the first drama I guess, but the second gives the gist of the series. Like before, I’m not aware of the 1994 era in South Korea and it will be interesting to know about it.

I’m really hoping the same awesomeness from Basketball Extravaganza as its predecessor had. With the same team, one can expect it, right. The show will air on tvN, obviously and will premiere in September.