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If you are somewhat a regular reader of my blog (I hope you are!! ;)), you must have judged by now that I’m a huge Park Shin Hye fan and I love to post about her, whatever things I read or see on the internet. Here are the pictures from SURE magazine, May issue, featuring her and she looks so innocent and smart, and so refined. I love that she carries this kind of look so elegantly and effortlessly. I liked all her dramas, You’re Beautiful being one of my most favorite shows of all time, but she did her best role in Flower Boy Next Door, if you ask me.

Park Shin Hye is ready with her latest short film Rock, Paper, Scissors Of Love with Yoon Kye Sang, which is a romantic comedy and is released online. After that, her highly anticipated drama Heirs is coming up this October, with heartthrob Lee Min Ho and I simply can’t wait to watch it; even though we are told that its about high school. I love high school stories and I love these two actors, but just can’t picture the two things together as both have done mature roles now and so returning back to that is a bit odd.

I like the pictures as they are simple and graceful.


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