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I have always liked Hyun Bin from the first time I watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. He is cute, hot, and I love those dimples. And yes, he acts amazingly. I went for The World That They Live In, hoping to see more of him (and Song Hye Kyo), but was bored up to no limit and it was a good judgment to stop watching it, but I was glad that I found more reasons to like Eom Ki Joon as he was fantastic in it. I still have to watch the much loved (or much hated by some) Secret Garden, a fantasy rom-com; let’s see when I’ll be able to do so. After this show, Hyun Bin left for military service and everyone was eagerly waiting to hear about his comeback project since his discharge in December.

Finally, we have received the news about his next work and- *sigh- it’s a movie. I would have loved if it was a drama, but well, at least we got something. The film is titled The King’s Wrath  and it will be a historical movie. This will be Hyun Bin’s first sageuk role where he stars as King Jeong-jo, the 22nd king of Joseon. He was the king who came into power at the height of political differences between Noron and Soron factions. The movie will depict the king’s state of mind in order to protect his power from the conflict between rivals Noron and Sorons.

The King’s Wrath will hit the theaters in 2014 and I think it’s a long enough period for him to do a drama in between. Don’t we all wish that. Anyways, the movie will be directed by Lee Jae-kyu, who has done dramas before and that includes one of my favorites, The King 2 Hearts. So, definitely I’m looking forward to this film for the obvious reasons.