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My interest in the drama previously known as Undercover has suddenly amplified after reading more about its plot, which sounds totally intriguing with lots of potential for mystery and thrills. The crime thriller is a cable drama to be aired on JTBC and its new moniker is Heartless City.

It is about a drug lord, played by Jung Kyung Ho (Smile, You) in a role that is kind of newish if we consider his previous ones, who meets a woman with whom he grew up in an orphanage and brings her to his world. But she is actually an undercover cop. During her investigation, she gets murdered. Now, the main suspect is him. Nam Gyuri (49 Days) plays her best friend who decides to complete her friend’s job and goes undercover herself, also to find her killer. And that doesn’t result all well as she falls in love with our (anti?) hero. Lee Jae Yoon (Yawang) will play the role of Nam Gyuri’s superior in their special task force and also fiance of the murdered agent. Jo Han Seon was earlier cast for this role.

Heartless City is directed by PD who did I Need Romance and its sequel. I haven’t seen any of the actors’ works and I’m solely interested in the drama because it looks so noir-like and promising as far as the mystery and suspense elements are counted. It starts airing from May 27. I just hope it’s not too dark, because it already looks so judging from the teaser.

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