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Finally, we are back in business!! This episode had some major revelations, which is a good thing in my book as it makes the story go forward in a new direction. And yes, there was some cuteness as always.


Mi-ryung tells Yun-ah that she talked to Joon-ho about her. Joon-ho is all happy as he sort of won over Yun-ah. He talks to Young-hoon about it, who advises that if he is not going to take responsibility for Soon-shin, he should just end it now, so that she doesn’t get hurt.

As usual, Mom tries to ignore Soon-shin as she forgets to bring her bowl of rice for dinner. She tells Hye-shin to call her mother-in-law on her birthday.

In-sung informs Joon-ho about the rumour about him and Soon-shin that they are dating. He orders to make sure this news doesn’t spread.

Soon-shin says to Joon-ho that she doesn’t want to do the music video as somebody else was supposed to do it and she doesn’t want to steal someone’s spot away.

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Joon-ho scolds her that an ability in this field of work is to win. She has to take this opportunity to get her next opportunity. He tells her that don’t do the music video.

Mom overhears Woo-joo’s conversation with her dad on phone and she comes to know about Hye-shin’s divorce. She tells her that she did a good job after hearing that he was cheating on her.

Mom calls Hye-shin’s husband and rebukes him that how could he betray her like that. She is very angry and even scolds Soon-shin in her fury.

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Joon-ho meets Yun-ah (who asks him so) and his eyes search Soon-shin in the restaurant, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Yun-ah. He tells her that Soon-shin doesn’t want to shoot the MV. Yun-ah tells Mi-ryung about it, who plans a dinner party with her and Joon-ho.

Yi-jung asks her dad to help her with respect to Chan-woo, but he refuses to do so.

Some cute scenes between Chan-woo and Yoo-shin. She also tells him about Hye-shin’s divorce.

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In-sung tells Soon-shin about how much trouble Joon-ho went through for her to be cast in the MV as he had to fulfil her mom’s condition to make her a star in a month.

Soon-shin meets Chan-woo and discusses her problems. He suggests that if she will not take this opportunity, someone else will. And she has come this far, and she should think about people who trusted and supported her. Joon-ho sees them together on his way.

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Joon-ho, his mom and Yi-jung go for the dinner party at Mi-ryung’s place, where he finds out that Yi-jung has a crush on Chan-woo, but he has a girlfriend. Suddenly, he gets up and calls Soon-shin to meet.

He is clearly very happy to meet her and she says that she only cared about herself. He increases her confidence that she can do well and he believes in her. They both go to nearby restaurant. She asks him to play guitar and he tells that if she’ll do well, then he’ll do it.

Next day, Soon-shin goes to film the MV and she meets Mi-ryung there. Mi-rung is surprised that she is shooting the video and tells her about the bet between Joon-ho and Yun-ah to make a poor girl a big star if he wants to sign a contract with her. Soon-shin is shocked.