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I was wary of watching a melodrama until I met Nice Guy. The actors compelled me to watch this show, but what a nice journey it was. Nice Guy aka Innocent Man is a fast paced, stylish, polished drama encapsulated with amazing cast.

The Plot:

The story is anybody’s guess if we are talking about a revenge melodrama. A man Kang Maru loves a girl Han Jae Hee wholeheartedly; to the extent that he accepts the crime committed by her. But she betrays him and thus he goes on a revenge path. For accomplishing his purpose, he uses a cold-hearted girl Seo Eun Gi, who later loses her memory and he falls for her instead.

What I Liked:

The show consists of every possible melodrama trait: revenge, betrayal, greed, amnesia, illness, tears, angst; but each of this factor is dramatized in a brilliant way that we keep on getting intrigued by it and the interest never wavers. The show has a suspense or thriller like vibe, which keeps things interesting and gives the drama a freshness in its own serious way. The drama has solid characters. They are very complex and somewhat confusing. I liked the back and forth manner of Nice Guy: we see the consequence first and then the events that led to it are shown. The background score is pretty good and adds to the mood of the drama. The show keeps you on your toes by throwing surprises, but when we see from a broad lens, the story is simple enough. Only the way it’s woven makes it complex.


What Didn’t Work:

I liked Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won together, but honestly speaking, couldn’t relate to their love story much. I was not able to understand their love, except on the surface level, where I wanted them to be together. Same thing goes for the whole drama that there was no emotional attachment anywhere. I cared for the characters only up till the episode lasted.


Acting wise, the drama is full of awesomeness. Song Joong Ki proves that he can very well carry a drama. He is amazing in this role, showing the right hint of pain and  he gets every sensitive nuance of his role spot-on. Moon Chae Won is alternatively firm, fierce, vulnerable, playful and charming that you’re mesmerized by her excellent acting. Park Si Yeon looks really stylish and this is one of her best roles; she has acted superbly. The supporting cast is spectacular as well.

All in all, a stylish and solid melodrama marked with brilliant performances.

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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