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tvN and daily dramas are two things that I won’t imagine in the same sentence. So it was a surprise for me that the cable channel, known for breezy, zippy, trendy rom-coms with fresh takes, also airs daily soaps. The currently airing Family Secrets will be followed by a new show titled Bird That Doesn’t Cry from next week as a Monday-Thursday show with around 100 episodes in its bag. Well, the plot is about revenge and this time it will be taken by a daughter who lost her mother because of a woman. Hong Ah Reum (Tears Of Heaven, Into The Flames) plays the heroine who lost everything due to a murder case that involved insurance money and Oh Hyun Kyung (King’s Family) plays the woman who is responsible for it. Costars include Kang Ji Sub (Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion) and Baek Seung Hee (May QueenI Do, I Do). I think the plot would be full of makjang, birth secrets, revenge, plotting, greed, etc. Nothing new on the plate and I never expect dailies to do that. They are as predictable as the magician who brings the rabbit out of the hat. And if they are successful in bringing even a bit of freshness, it’s a bonus. I have to admit that these are pretty addictive if followed. I don’t watch daily dramas due to time constraints along with my disinterest. I used to see very long daily soaps (some even reached years in terms of length) but times have changed, and so have my interests. Bird That Doesn’t Cry will be helmed by PD of Goodbye Wife (which was another cable show that aired on Channel A) and penned by screenwriter of Yellow Boots, another long running show for tvN that starred Lee Yoo Ri, who recently received coveted accolades for Jang Bo Ri Is Here and is currently appearing in Superdaddy Yeol. On a side note, that first poster (above) is seriously funny for being so cheesy and direct *haha*

Bird That Doesn’t Cry airs its first episode on May 4.

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