A new daily drama ‘Bird That Doesn’t Cry’ to start next week on tvN


tvN and daily dramas are two things that I won’t imagine in the same sentence. So it was a surprise for me that the cable channel, known for breezy, zippy, trendy rom-coms with fresh takes, also airs daily soaps. The currently airing Family Secrets will be followed by a new show titled Bird That Doesn’t Cry from next week as a Monday-Thursday show with around 100 episodes in its bag. Well, the plot is about revenge and this time it will be taken by a daughter who lost her mother because of a woman. Hong Ah Reum (Tears Of Heaven, Into The Flames) plays the heroine who lost everything due to a murder case that involved insurance money and Oh Hyun Kyung (King’s Family) plays the woman who is responsible for it. Costars include Kang Ji Sub (Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion) and Baek Seung Hee (May QueenI Do, I Do). I think the plot would be full of makjang, birth secrets, revenge, plotting, greed, etc. Nothing new on the plate and I never expect dailies to do that. They are as predictable as the magician who brings the rabbit out of the hat. And if they are successful in bringing even a bit of freshness, it’s a bonus. I have to admit that these are pretty addictive if followed. I don’t watch daily dramas due to time constraints along with my disinterest. I used to see very long daily soaps (some even reached years in terms of length) but times have changed, and so have my interests. Bird That Doesn’t Cry will be helmed by PD of Goodbye Wife (which was another cable show that aired on Channel A) and penned by screenwriter of Yellow Boots, another long running show for tvN that starred Lee Yoo Ri, who recently received coveted accolades for Jang Bo Ri Is Here and is currently appearing in Superdaddy Yeol. On a side note, that first poster (above) is seriously funny for being so cheesy and direct *haha*

Bird That Doesn’t Cry airs its first episode on May 4.

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15 thoughts on “A new daily drama ‘Bird That Doesn’t Cry’ to start next week on tvN

  1. Timescout

    For the life of me I’ve never understood the draw of long soaps. They are the same no matter what country they originate from. I just can’t with the idiotic, crazy plots…

    1. snow Post author

      “They are the same no matter what country they originate from” couldn’t agree more. They keep on recycling the same plot and characters and keep on rising everybody’s blood pressure with their craziness 😀

  2. Blue

    UGH!!! I can’t watch another drama with 100 epis. I have already a hard time deciding if I should start a 50 epi drama, two actually: Splendid Politics and Yoona’s street, have you seen any? Do you suggest them?

    Back to the subject, the drama seems predictable, however since both actresses did a very good job in The Legendary Witch (I didn’t see any of the dramas you listed unfortunately so this is my only reference), there is hope. I will wait for your first impression and/or review.

    On a side note, I find Hong Ah Reum unbelievably gorgeous.

      1. snow Post author

        May Queen….I was planning to watch it because of Jae Hee but then when I found out he is the 2nd lead, I never tried watching it!

        1. Blue

          Don’t even bother.

          The female lead Han Ji-Hae ruins it all. She can’t act to save her life, she is the main character in Legendary Witch too. The thing with her is that she chooses dramas with good plots, so I was trapped twice, once with May Queen (the girl who played her as a child was terrific), and then with LW. At least with LW there were so many other characters that it balanced things out. MQ is a good story with a bad female lead. It had potential, what a waste. I’ve learned the hard way. Never again.

          I first saw Jae-hee in Witch Yoo Hee. LOVED him, loved both actors. Makes me want to watch this again LOL!

          1. snow Post author

            I watched Han Ji Hye in Sweet 18 and she was good in that cute and sassy role. I guess she is an average actress who doesn’t fit in melodrama roles.
            Haha…it happens with me too when I discuss an older show and then feel like rewatching it all over again.

    1. snow Post author

      Nope. Haven’t seen SP or YS….but I’ve heard great things about Yoona’s Street, so you can check it out.
      Actually I haven’t seen either of the actresses previous works. So they were both in Legendary Witch! Yes, HAR does look gorgeous 🙂
      I won’t be watching this show….so long and so predictable. But I’m thinking about checking out one other daily drama, Protect The Family, because it stars one of my favs, Jae Hee 🙂


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