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These movie/ drama people sure know how to make us happy or pleasantly surprised by the way they choose the actors for their movies or dramas. I never thought that these two of the most adorable and cutest actors will team up together for a project. But here they are: Lee Jong Suk (School 2013) and Seo In Guk (Answer Me 1997) are going to star in the sports movie No Breathing. It is not a secret anymore that I have great fondness for Lee Jong Suk since I watched his poignant and awesome portrayal in School 2013. As for the latter, I liked him a lot in Answer Me 1997 and I was amazed to know that it was his debut role.

No Breathing is about swimming, with Lee Jong Suk playing an excellent swimmer who always wins and Seo In Guk is the genius swimmer who deliberately stays away from swimming. Yuri (of Kpop group Girls’ Generation) is one lucky girl as she is starring opposite the cutest boys out there. She plays a carefree aspiring musician. All three of them grew up together and of course love triangle finds its place as they enter into adulthood. I have seen only 4 or so episodes of Fashion King, which was Yuri’s first acting role and I did not see enough to make a judgment on how I found her. I guess she was okay.

Lee Jong Suk will next be seen in drama I Hear Your Voice, which has got its premiere very soon and he will be shooting for this film as well!! So much work!! Anyways, I like sports movies as they have lots of scope for showing a wide variety of emotions; adventure, friendship, love, triumph, underdog victory, poignancy, fun, camaraderie.  No Breathing will be directed by a newcomer and comes from the writer of blockbuster film The Gift of Room 7. It will hit the theatres sometime later this year.