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Shark is all set for its premiere tomorrow, that is, 27th of May on KBS. It is the follow-up drama to God Of The Workplace, which I honestly wanted to see, but ended up dropping it after giving a try to episode 1. Not that it was bad, but it just didn’t interest me enough to continue. So, coming back to Shark, it is a comeback project for Kim Nam Gil and will star him as a successful hotelier, whose life was destroyed by a family, also in the hotel business and Son Ye Jin plays the heiress of that family. He wants revenge and during his mission, he falls in love with her. Basically, a conflict between feelings and aim. Ha Suk Jin plays second lead as someone who has always loved Son Ye Jin, and works for her company. The idea is not at all new, but the drama gets a plus point as it comes from the team behind the acclaimed shows Resurrection and Devil, and this drama is slated to be the third in the revenge trilogy; all the three series having only the basic theme as a common thing.

I can’t help but think that Kim Nam Gil will be appearing in almost the same character as his last drama, Bad Guy, also a revenge thriller and even he is sporting mustache just like that one. But I have no qualms about it as I haven’t seen Bad Guy and so it’s just like a new thing for me when I’ll go for Shark. I’m definitely watching the first episode of this Monday-Tuesday drama as I think it can turn out to be thrilling and addicting like last year’s Nice Guy.

There are stills and more stills from the drama that give you a rough picture of what we are gonna see. It looks like every other melo out there. The three leads will share a past, which explains the stills featuring their younger counterparts. Check out the posters as well.

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