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I loved the 2003 movie Classic, a melodrama but so breathtakingly gorgeous and poignant, with an amazing soundtrack. And it is also the only thing i have seen Jo In Sung in. He was paired opposite Son Ye Jin, where she did a double role and he was the love interest of the daughter. I loved the romance depiction in the film, especially that of the mother portion with Jo Seung Woo. But I simply adored one of the scenes of Jo In Sung and Son Ye Jin, set in the rain sequence. Those of you who have seen the movie might know about it. Anyways, this year was highly successful for him as his drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, gained lots of love from the viewers. I didn’t watch it (the scenario was not my cup of tea), but there are many who extol the virtues of this show. His chemistry with Song Hye Kyo was also dearly appreciated.

Check out Jo In Sung’s pictures featured in Parkland/J.Hass’ Summer 2013 Lookbook. He is looking handsome and dapper and there is this striking feature of using water splash in all the photos. It kind of works as it gives nice background to Jo In Sung’s neat and trim appearance.

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