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There is a dichotomy regarding my views on Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek: on one side, I found it engaging to watch the story of an underdog team achieving the success and on the other side, I found it really boring to watch some of the predictable plot lines. The feeling after completing the drama is sweet, so I can say that the drama was an easy and fine experience, with some wonderful moments as well.

The story has all typical drama characters: a warm-hearted, talented guy; his cold and mean ex-girlfriend; a sweet, hard-working girl and a rich, powerful man who falls for this girl. Throw them in the field of advertising and we have the set-up for this drama. The show then progresses with our hero trying hard to make a name in this field as he joins his talent with some other team mates, who together make this journey compelling to watch as they go through various hardships and earn success at last.

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Let me start with the things I liked about the drama. First of all, the team of our hero, that consists of some rookies, him included and the leader who was once known for being the genius in this field. I liked their warm interactions and the way they prepared for an ad. Talking about which, I loved the ads they made: be it the blanket one, or the Everest one, they all were really great. Secondly, the relation between the OTP that started cordially as friends, then best friends and finally lovers. I was delighted that there was no bickering this time and they hit it off right from the beginning. The drama had its golden moments when these people worked together to achieve a target. Their camaraderie is one thing to look out for in this show and that gives it a lot of heart. Each team member is crafted with its own importance and stands out.

Now the things that bothered me. First, the very predictable and overused plot line after 10 or 11 episodes. We knew what was coming and that took longer than required time just because they had to form some finale. Also, the scenes involving the second leads were very uninteresting and boring. The corporate hijinks also go with the same opinion. Another thing that I wanted in the drama was some more romantic moments between the OTP. They were great together, but some more romance would have been awesome.


I loved one of the songs from the soundtrack and it’s called Love Afternoon. It’s fresh, breezy and romantic.

Jin Goo has done a superb job in a role that could have looked too clichéd or idealistic. He has a charm and plays his role with winning confidence. I’m a fan of Park Ha Sun now. She is amazingly charming, sweet and is equally good in light as well as serious scenes. Both of them share a warm chemistry.

The second leads were just okay. It was my first time seeing Jo Hyun Jae and I found his character really boring here. Han Chae Young looked beautiful but her character looked dull as well. They failed to impress much.

But the supporting cast that includes the GRC people is an add-on. They are cute and fun to watch. I loved their camaraderie. Go Chang Suk is stellar in both comedy and poignancy.

On final note,  Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek  is an easy watch and fun if you ignore some mundane plot points in the latter half.

My Rating: 7 out of 10.