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Mi-ryung announces in public that she has a daughter and requests the reporters  to leave her alone as she grew up not knowing about this.

Soon-shin is shocked to hear the truth and comes home and watches the press conference on TV. She again and again repeats that this isn’t real, but finally runs from home. Hye-shin goes after her, but doesn’t find her anywhere. Jin-wook helps her, but they fail.


Joon-ho comes to Soon-shin’s house and asks Hye-shin where he can find her. She tells him to not increase Soon-shin’s problems and not to make her suffer anymore.

Mom says that they should wait until Soon-shin is ready to come back.

Joon-ho goes everywhere to search Soon-shin, but no success for him as well.

Mi-ryung admits herself into hospital in order to escape from reporters.


Chan-woo and Chan-mi also come to know about all this.

Yu-shin disapproves mom’s sympathy towards Soon-shin and yells that how can she do this when dad was having an affair behind her back. Mom slaps her.

Reporters gather outside Soon-shin’s house and Hye-shin takes Jin-wook’s help to take Woo-joo out for school, by posing as husband and wife.

Joon-ho tells Young-hoon that Soon-shin is Mi-ryung’s daughter.


Yun-ah visits hospital and finds out from Mi-ryung that Soon-shin is her daughter. She asks her to treat her nicely like a sister.

Chan-woo comes to meet Yu-shin but she tells him that they already broke up and she will not get married as all men are same.

Chan-mi talks to Soon-shin and says that her mom must be very depressed about what happened. Further, she says that others can only dream that Song Mi-ryung is their mother and she should go and meet her.


Soon-shin calls Joon-ho and asks where Mi-ryung is. She goes to the hospital and tells Mi-ryung to tell the reporters not to cause any inconvenience to her family. Also, she tells her not to contact her again.

Joon-ho meets Soon-shin outside the hospital and tells her to get angry if she is hurt. She questions back that will that change anything.



Mi-ryung asks her manager if he was the one who told the reporters about Soon-shin and he says yes. She yells at him and orders to prepare for discharge.

Soon-shin comes back home and tells mom that nothing has changed and she is still her daughter and she will stay forever like this and to treat her the same way like always. Meanwhile, Mi-ryung is on her way to their house and she watches them hugging, both mom and Soon-shin having tears in their eyes.