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Sageuks, sageuks and more sageuks. 2013 surely has the most number of historical dramas for past 2-3 years and as the first crop of sageuks that include Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love are preparing for their finale with Mandate Of Heaven airing successfully in its mid-run, the new shows are all set to premiere: one is the biographical Goddess Of Fire Jung-Yi starring Moon Geun Young in the lead role and the other is the romance drama Sword And Flower, that stars Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin as the star-crossed lovers who deal with family feud in their journey of love. Kim Ok Bin stars as the daughter of king Yeong-ryu, the 27th king of Goguryeo, played by Kim Young Chul (Nice Guy), who sets off on revenge path when her father is killed by Yeon Gaesomun, a military general and this role will be played by Choi Min Soo (Happy Ending), whose name doesn’t ring a bell for me, but I’ve heard that he is simply awesome (I’m a newbie here, you know *blinks her eyes with innocence ;)) So, our heroine falls in love with the illegitimate son of her enemy and that will obviously give way to more complications. The first couple stills are out and they look….simple and lacklustre: more like studio photos, the unedited versions. But the poster is simply magnificent and skillful. And the leads are looking great, the weird wig for Uhm Tae Woong notwithstanding.

The other cast additions are Lee Min Ho (of Rooftop Prince fame) as Kim Ok Bin’s brother in a special guest appearance, rookie actor Goo Won as a bodyguard for Yeon Gaesomun and Ohn Joo Wan (Twelve Men in a Year) as our heroine’s cousin who betrays the king (her father) due to the greed for power, but later turns against Yeon Gaesomun when he realises that he is just a puppet in his hands.

Sword And Flower looks like it’s gonna be an epic drama with solid actors, but I’m ambivalent as of now about giving it a go. Well, if the drama gets positive reviews, of course I’ll add it to my list that increases day by day. It will start its journey from July 3 on KBS, following another sageuk Mandate Of Heaven in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. By the way, the drama has got another English title: The Blade And Petal. Check out the poster, couple stills and script reading pics.

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