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Episode 28 was better than 27 as we could see Joon-ho and Soon-shin together in the same frame 🙂 And add Young-hoon to it, which makes it a picture perfect. Alas, there were many extra things as usual that didn’t amuse me in the least.


Mi-ryung states that she wants to take Soon-shin back. She wasn’t a good mother but she wants to start over now. She wants to do everything for her. Mom says that she abandoned her, but Mi-ryung says that Chang-hoon took her and she never thought that she would be raised here. She will make her an actress and will support her as much as she can. Yoo-shin comes there and she says sarcastically that this money is not enough. Finally, mom tells Mi-ryung to get out. Later, Soon-shin hears from Yoo-shin that Mi-ryung wants to take her back.


Mi-ryung wants interior decoration for Soon-shin’s room in her house. She takes Yun-ah’s advice, who gets jealous.

Soon-shin calls Mi-ryung to meet. She sends her car to bring her to a shooting location. Mom sees her getting inside Mi-ryung’s car. Soon-shin goes and sternly tells Mi-ryung not to bother her family. But the reporters come there and on Mi-ryung’s approval, they interview them together. Soon-shin is unable to refuse as everything happens suddenly. She asks Mi-ryung to not let the program air on TV. But Mi-ryung specifically tells her manager later that let it go on air.


Later mom asks Soon-shin about her whereabouts, but she lies that she went to  meet Chan-mi.

Jin-wook tries to learn English, but when he is not much successful, he asks Hye-shin to tutor him. She agrees.

Joon-ho calls Soon-shin but she is busy giving interview for a job. There is some stage performance of some actors of Joon-ho’s agency. He gives tickets to Young-hoon, who asks Soon-shin to come with him. She comes, and Joon-ho gets upset and jealous to see them together, watching the musical show. Later, he tells them to have dinner together, but Soon-shin refuses. Young-hoon invites Soon-hin just for a tea. She agrees. Joon-ho also joins them on his own will, much to their surprise. He tells Soon-shin that she must be feeling inside, the craving for acting when seeing those actors. As usual, she denies.


Yi-jung comes to Chan-woo’s chicken shop and meets his mom. Yoo-shin and Chan-woo argue and finally he tells her to let everyone know about them and get married. She doesn’t answer and leaves. Chan-woo’s mom sees them together.

Soon-shin and Mi-ryung’s interview gets aired, where only Mi-ryung is answering all questions. Everybody at home watches this. When Soon-shin comes back home, Yoo-shin tells her that they are all feeling betrayed about this. She should have told them beforehand about it. Also that Mi-ryung tried to give money to them.


Soon-shin rushes to mom’s workplace and explains her the whole thing. Mom says that it’s not needed.

Mi-ryung calls mom to meet and says that everybody is saying that her daughter looks just like her and she is getting many tv show interview offers. Also, there is a movie for which producers want to cast her and Soon-shin. She tells mom to decide what she should do.