You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (Episode 28)


Episode 28 was better than 27 as we could see Joon-ho and Soon-shin together in the same frame 🙂 And add Young-hoon to it, which makes it a picture perfect. Alas, there were many extra things as usual that didn’t amuse me in the least.


Mi-ryung states that she wants to take Soon-shin back. She wasn’t a good mother but she wants to start over now. She wants to do everything for her. Mom says that she abandoned her, but Mi-ryung says that Chang-hoon took her and she never thought that she would be raised here. She will make her an actress and will support her as much as she can. Yoo-shin comes there and she says sarcastically that this money is not enough. Finally, mom tells Mi-ryung to get out. Later, Soon-shin hears from Yoo-shin that Mi-ryung wants to take her back.


Mi-ryung wants interior decoration for Soon-shin’s room in her house. She takes Yun-ah’s advice, who gets jealous.

Soon-shin calls Mi-ryung to meet. She sends her car to bring her to a shooting location. Mom sees her getting inside Mi-ryung’s car. Soon-shin goes and sternly tells Mi-ryung not to bother her family. But the reporters come there and on Mi-ryung’s approval, they interview them together. Soon-shin is unable to refuse as everything happens suddenly. She asks Mi-ryung to not let the program air on TV. But Mi-ryung specifically tells her manager later that let it go on air.


Later mom asks Soon-shin about her whereabouts, but she lies that she went to  meet Chan-mi.

Jin-wook tries to learn English, but when he is not much successful, he asks Hye-shin to tutor him. She agrees.

Joon-ho calls Soon-shin but she is busy giving interview for a job. There is some stage performance of some actors of Joon-ho’s agency. He gives tickets to Young-hoon, who asks Soon-shin to come with him. She comes, and Joon-ho gets upset and jealous to see them together, watching the musical show. Later, he tells them to have dinner together, but Soon-shin refuses. Young-hoon invites Soon-hin just for a tea. She agrees. Joon-ho also joins them on his own will, much to their surprise. He tells Soon-shin that she must be feeling inside, the craving for acting when seeing those actors. As usual, she denies.


Yi-jung comes to Chan-woo’s chicken shop and meets his mom. Yoo-shin and Chan-woo argue and finally he tells her to let everyone know about them and get married. She doesn’t answer and leaves. Chan-woo’s mom sees them together.

Soon-shin and Mi-ryung’s interview gets aired, where only Mi-ryung is answering all questions. Everybody at home watches this. When Soon-shin comes back home, Yoo-shin tells her that they are all feeling betrayed about this. She should have told them beforehand about it. Also that Mi-ryung tried to give money to them.


Soon-shin rushes to mom’s workplace and explains her the whole thing. Mom says that it’s not needed.

Mi-ryung calls mom to meet and says that everybody is saying that her daughter looks just like her and she is getting many tv show interview offers. Also, there is a movie for which producers want to cast her and Soon-shin. She tells mom to decide what she should do.




6 thoughts on “You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (Episode 28)

    1. maimymlt

      It started out promising, but it is getting to the point of being almost unwatchable because the focus is more on other issues and unlikable characters than the main leads. They have lost the cute and seem mired in the angst.

      BUT, I will continue to watch, though, because the cute is worth the wait. Like so many others, I am FFing through the UGH parts. I just hope the writer finds their way back from the boring rehash rut they are in right now ASAP!!

    2. snow_white Post author

      Actually it’s nothing new….everything is predictable….but the warmth and cuteness makes it refreshing to watch….it started out quite well….but as happens with all long shows, right now…it’s getting a bit uninteresting..
      I hope as we pass this period, we’ll get more romance 🙂
      Actors are fabulous by the way….especially the male ones 😉

      1. missienelly

        After watching Nine, I’m trying to be very selective. I don’t want predictable drama unless if I’m looking for something light :P. But good to know. A lot of ppl are watching this and I’m becoming curious hehehe


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