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Highly anticipated fantasy period drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ premieres on tvN

There is no doubt that the new tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most anticipated ones this year. With a cast boasting names like Song Joong Ki (his first drama since superhit Descendants Of The Sun 3 years back), Kim Ji Won (reuniting with Song Joong Ki and following DOTS with well-received Fight My Way), very popular and hit Jang Dong Gun (I’m surprised to see him in another drama so soon after Suits as he usually does more films than dramas and his Continue reading

Five new March premieres!

March is here and so is the new crop of dramas. This post is about shows that have already aired their first episode. We still have a lot of March premieres due to start in coming days. The below mentioned shows range from sageuk to dark supernatural thrillers to romantic comedies to weekend family fare. Without further ado, here we go!

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Kim Ok Bin headlines jTBC drama ‘Yoo Na’s Street’

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Cable channels are remarkable in the sense that they always add freshness to their shows even if the genre is romance, the most clich√©d of all. Network jTBC is bringing another drama in May named Yoo Na’s Street in which Kim Ok Bin plays the titular role of Yoo Na who is a professional pickpocket. Well, that’s surely a new¬†description for a Continue reading

2013: The year of comebacks


As we are moving towards the tail end of 2013, I was thinking about the striking features of the year and thus realised that this year saw an occasion as rare as the stars on a cloudy night and that was the comeback of many actors to dramaland. Every year there are one or two shows which give us the opportunity to see the elusive stars but 2013 was especially filled with returns to the small screen. Some get busy doing movies, some go for military enlistment and some take a break; whatever maybe the reason but viewers are always delighted to see their favorite actors for at least 16 episodes or 8 weeks straight. Continue reading

First look at the star-crossed lovers of ‘Sword And Flower’ and cast updates

Sageuks, sageuks and more sageuks. 2013 surely has the most number of historical dramas for past 2-3 years and as the first crop of sageuks that include Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love are preparing for their finale with Mandate Of Heaven airing successfully in its mid-run, the new shows are all set to premiere: Continue reading