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I’m totally late for the Gu Family Book train but I’m glad that I’m able to watch it without any anxiety or wait for the upcoming week and marathoning is indeed very comfortable. Despite the limitations and inconsistencies on narrative and technical basis, I’m loving the show and the prime reason for it is that it has so much heart and the characters are really endearing. The fantasy sageuk will soon be airing its last episode and has garnered good ratings throughout its run. There are some hiccups here and there (the decisions made by our hero’s mother Seo-hwa, for instance) but overall the show is cute and fun. The cinematography is spectacular and the acting is good overall. Well, I’m no expert to judge the accent for historical times, so can’t really comment about it. But acting wise, I think Lee Seung Gi is filled with his natural energetic performance, with Suzy looking awkward but putting in sincere effort. I always prefer blank acting over the exaggerated over-acting and irritating acting.

I wanted to post something about Gu Family Book and I found these behind-the-scene pics, that are adorable and I love that the dark characters are having a 180 degree reversal in their attitude behind the camera, that is a nice change to see, when I’m really hating them in the drama. It is good to feel the camaraderie and rapport between all the actors.

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