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New segment alert!! I think the songs play a very important role in any drama to build up the right effect on viewers and they make us more emotionally connected by underlining the dramatic atmosphere, not to mention the enjoyment we get while they are played. Yeah, sometimes it happens that they become aggravating when overdone, but it seldom happens with me as the music grows on me as the show progresses. My personal favorites are the romantic ballads and now my phone is full of drama OSTs. This week will complete 30 episodes of weekend drama You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and I’m glad that I successfully completed so many episodes of my very first drama that is this long. Initially, I was wondering why this show has played only one song (Don’t Know, Don’t Know, that came during the end credits or sporadically during the episode). But now, we can hear one more new song from the soundtrack; a soft, romantic number Counting Stars at Night by Sunny Hill and I’m loving it more and more each time I listen to its soothing tune. It has an old world charm about it that captivates us and flows gently from start to finish. In the drama, this was played during one of Yoo-shin and Chan-woo’s scenes and also it’s being used in the end from last 2-3 episodes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the romance will amp up this week (still waiting for the episodes!!) and we’ll get to hear more heart warming songs. For now, I’m posting the song and you guys decide whether you like it the same way as I do.