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I had become accustomed to the boring and annoying stuff happening in You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin but last episode alleviated my annoyance by showing the cuteness and romance that made me squee with delight and made me realise why I started watching and liking the show at first. The drama works like magic when it shows the OTPs (there are three) but working off a predictable plot, there are enough barriers to our enjoyment. The longer length also gives way to running around the same points. Anyways, I hope that the drama will pick up the light and romance factor and stay away from the dull features.

Check out the video preview for episode 31. It doesn’t look promising as we see only a glimpse of our dear Joon-ho. I didn’t find any English subtitled preview so it is just a rough translation about what I saw.

It looks like Mi-ryung is taking Soon-shin to buy pretty and expensive clothes. Soon-sin is worried and uncomfortable. Chan-woo is formally proposing to Yoo-shin and possibly everybody at home (mom and grandma) comes to know about their relationship, with his mom making a scene about it.