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I have always loved dramas written by Hong Sisters, except Hong Dil Gong, Couple Of Fantasy (which I haven’t seen) and Big (the reason is universal.) So it was a given that I was excited about Master’s Sun right from the get-go. Big‘s major problem was its ending and so at least this time round I hoped that it will not be the case of crappy ending because the plot is not complicated in that particular sense. HOPEFULLY. My love for Gong Hyo Jin along with the excitement of watching So Ji Sub in a rom-com was another reason to join this ride.

And I’m happy to report that I liked the first two episodes, the second more than the first. It is more like Big tonally as it is breezy and a bit slow as compared to the fast paced and zany shows full of complete comic situations that are a trademark of the writers. But still, there is a right balance between emotions and fun. There is this episodic ghost-story-of-the-day kind of thing but that is done in a way that mixes humour, suspense and melancholy.


The most amazing thing are the main leads, Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub, and their chemistry which is cute and electric. I loved their interactions and yay for a heroine who openly shows her affection, okay not really, but interest, if we can call it that. Though she has a reason for it. Gong Hyo Jin is the highlight of the drama who oozes warmth, looks really cute and amps up the fondness for the drama. So Ji Sub is also perfect. The second leads are still not shown in full form but a word for Seo In Guk who looks handsome and his character looks mysterious which makes me curious.

As is the perpetual case with the writers’ previous shows, here also we have a twist in the tale with our hero’s back story. Watch it to find out, I’m not spoiling it for ya. The two episodes were pretty enjoyable and I wasn’t bored a bit anywhere. The direction is smooth.

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I’m totally looking forward to the story and the unfolding of the relationship between the OTP. Skinship, cuteness, and romance is sure to follow. Also, I liked that the bickering is one-sided for a change. But that doesn’t mean our heroine is weak. Not at all.

On a side note, I’m not recapping this drama because it takes up a lot of time, which sadly I don’t have right now.