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The never-ending drama news always amuses me. Everyday we read about a new drama being planned and then one by one comes the cast and the date and finally it arrives on our screen within no time. And I’m not complaining. I love hearing about new dramas but it’s also a dilemma as the time is limited and dramas seem unlimited and each of them has at least one attractive and irresistible feature that one cannot stay away from it. Of course, now I’m more patient and selective in choosing a drama as the real life things demand more attention than sitting continuously in front of the laptop, forgetting all about sleep and feeding the addiction called dramas. It is a difficult task to skip shows but that’s what I need right now. And melodramas usually make this easier as they are something I usually avoid in Kdramaland as they have over the top emotions, characters that are very far from the real people and lack of emotional attachment. One thing that I like about them is that the heroine is shown in a normal appearance, which is so unlikely in rom-coms which believe that a shabby appearance equals comedy. It’s NOT. Trust me.

KBS is bringing a brand new melodrama with the title Secret (another perfect example of perfectly literal moniker) headlined by Ji Sung (Protect The Boss) and Hwang Jung Eum, last seen in one of the good offerings of 2013, Incarnation Of Money. Actually I’m looking forward to this cast as I have seen them in only comic roles, so this drama will definitely be a deviation from what we have seen of them recently. The plot looks like a mixture of Nice Guy and maybe some other random melo as it tells the story of a man who loses his girlfriend in an accident and later falls in love with the woman who was responsible for that. But actually this girl took the blame in place of her boyfriend, who forgets her by the time she comes out of prison. This traitor boyfriend role is being played by Bae Soo Bin, who I reallllyyyy liked in Shining Inheritance. But looks like he’ll be having negative shades here. The other lead joining this love square is Lee Da Hee (not to be confused with Lee Da Hae of My Girl) who just wrapped up I Hear Your Voice and was quite impressive in it. Here, she’ll be playing a woman with unrequited love.

Secret, which starts airing from September following Sword And Flower, is directed by the PD of Dream High and is written by a new writer who won the screen writing contest for this script. Hm, but in my opinion the story sounds overused. Of course, the script is also about screenplay, maybe that has the freshness or interesting points. Let’s see.

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