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Just when I was finally concluding that sageuks were the time travel for 2013, I’ve got another contender for the title: the ghost seers. Already two dramas have started airing (procedural, melo Who Are You and rom-com Master’s Sun) and we have a third one in the line. It’s called Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong, just in case you had any doubts about what it’s gonna be about. It stars Oh Ji Ho in the title role as a man who can see ghosts since birth. He has cut himself off from everyone and everything after a terrible incident made him lose his family and love. He was initially an elite detective but now lives as a disinterested district cop. He talks to a ghost of a high school girl one day and that somehow brings him back to reality. He starts solving mysterious cases. His partner is being played by Oh Ji Eun, who was last seen in last year’s awesome satirical comedy King Of Dramas and I liked her a lot in it. She stars as a detective in the regional investigation unit with a keen sense of observation and someone who is tough to work with. I have seen Oh Ji Ho in only a single episode of his last drama God Of The Workplace and well, his character was kind of crazy, so that didn’t left an okay impression. But it was more about the role and less about the actor I guess.

Despite the plot of ghost seeing, I’m actually interested in the drama. Partly because of the cast, partly because of the premise which sounds more like a mystery thriller and not a melo and partly due to the channel OCN that has given some nice thrillers before, particularly Vampire Prosecutor.

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong is being penned by one of the writers of the highly acclaimed sageuk + sci-fi Joseon X-Files, so that is definitely a plus point. It plans to air ten episodes (yay and hey, I’ve got another reason to look forward to this show) and premieres in October on OCN.