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We already got two dramas based on deadly virus theme this year (namely End Of The World and The Virus) and now it’s time for the movie world to give us the epidemic-disaster movie. It’s titled The Flu, which automatically gives the idea about what it is going to be. The movie is about a deadly virus that spreads throughout the urban population and this virus kills in 36 hours once infected. The film is about the struggle of people to survive in this disaster situation. Jang Hyuk stars as a firefighter and Soo Ae plays a doctor, both of them helping in the fight against this disease. Well, the plot looks full of high stakes and tension.

I like Soo Ae a lot, 9 End 2 Outs being her only drama I’ve seen but that was enough to tell me how amazing she is. She is a natural actress and her filmography includes a nice range of roles and genre, be it her badass turn in action-spy drama Athena or the heartfelt performance as a woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s in Thousand Days Promise, or the girl next door in 9 End 2 Outs or as a radio jockey in thriller movie Midnight FM. Her latest drama role was in the revenge melo Queen Of Ambition, having negative shades. I first saw Jang Hyuk in the romantic comedy movie Please Teach Me English with Lee Na Young and he was really cute in it. And so, I was very surprised to find later that he actually has a completely different image of a rough and tough action star with projects like Chuno and Tree With Deep Roots under his belt. His last drama was IRIS 2, which did not receive favorable reviews anywhere as far as I know. Anyways, these two are definitely artists whose projects I look forward to, even when I end up not checking them out because of several other reasons.

The Flu hits the theatres this week on August 15. Check out the stills and posters which look quite intense and gripping.

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