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I’m getting all the right vibes from Master’s Sun because I’m so eager for its next episode!! Dating Agency Cyrano was the last time when I couldn’t wait for the next episode and kept thinking about the OTP and their romance.  As much as I like I Hear Your Voice (still 4 episodes left to complete it), it was never addicting to me. I love it, but I don’t LOVE it. I know that sounds crazy but you all must be knowing the difference between the two expressions 😉 Master’s Sun has not reached to the level of love yet, but still I’m liking so many things about it. Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub give chemistry a new meaning and she is cute, he is handsome (I can be shallow sometimes). I did have some, ahem, problems with one scene, I really hope that it was just a mistake and the same thing will not happen again in the drama. Rest everything was good. Unlike some viewers who found the two ghost cases passable, I actually found them somewhat touching. All their back stories and reunion at the later stage were quite poignant.

So here is the preview for episode 3, which airs tonight. It seems like there are some more spirit stories of the day, and also our hero’s first love seems to be saying something via our heroine. Can’t wait for more couple interactions and the crushing down of Joo-goon’s ego to smallest pieces possible.

The written translation is as follows as per the dialogues being played on the video.

Your useless ‘senses’ and lies are all 0% useless.

Get lost.


Oh, that scared me
Please, open the door.

I’m not going to open it. Get lost.

It’s my heels.
My heels.
She was following me like this.
You are really crazy, Tae Yang.
Your tears are all lies.

Tae Gong Sil, don’t ever show up in front of me again.
Joong Won.
Bad girl.

Joo Joong Won.

What are you?

It’s me

The bad girl that you hate.